Family Constellations

Discover the liberating power of Family Constellation, a transformative healing modality that can bring to light the hidden roots of current challenges in your life, offering a path to release past trauma, gain new insights, and co-create a future of greater well-being and fulfilment.

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There’s an unbreakable link amongst people of a family system and any exclusion, unresolved issues or upheavals in the system can lead to unconscious entanglements and identification between family members and this will constantly have its effects on how our life unfolds.

Our DNA is a profound library of informational experience that passes on to us and future generations not only physical traits of our ancestors but also energetic traits of those who came before us.
Thanks to this incredible bond we have with our family system we inherit many gifts and skills from the past as well as some of the dysfunctions, traumas, fragmented beliefs and lower emotions as the system is always searching for balance and support for the lineage.

Many of our current problems, challenges and what appear to be personal failures in life can have their roots in complex family connections.

These entanglements can be responsible for the manifestation of problems, blockages, diseases and all sorts of challenges in people’s journey through life. In fact, it’s been said in therapeutic circles that around 80% of our traumas and internal turmoils that give birth to most of our problems have their origins in the dynamics of our families.

A lot of people live their lives entangled with other family members carrying their feelings and/or living out their destinies. When we overlook the natural laws that govern our connection to our family system we keep repeating previous behaviours and situations that haunted the generations that came before us and the same will happen to later generations, unless we address and resolve the entanglements with respect and acceptance.

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What is a
Family Constellation?

Family Constellation is powerful therapeutic modality that can help us heal emotional, physical, relationship and intergenerational traumas as it supports us in reestablishing order and harmony in family systems by acknowledging and honouring the past so we are able to reintegrate those unconscious aspects and family dynamics, hence, removing entanglements so people become free to live their lives in their free expression.

Constellation work happens at a DNA and soul level by reprogramming our blueprint of genetics and epigenetics through acknowledgement, acceptance and love so the clients free themselves from systemic issues and entanglements that they hold from their family blood line.

In a Family Constellation

We harmonise the past in order to heal and move forward in the present. This experiential process helps unveil the hidden dynamics, resolve issues, conflicts and blocks that are currently going in on in our lives but have their origins in our past. Apart form that, it also helps us to discover hidden resources and allow resolutions to unfold.

A Systemic Family Constellation is an extremely effective way of healing on a deeply felt energetic level allowing people to move forward in life, with long term and often life-changing results.

Through Family Constellation sessions the participants are enabled to:

  • Become aware of the dynamics of their family and identify destructive and negative patterns

  • Discover the causes of possible conflicts and current challenges in life and support in moving towards a resolution

  • Unveil the origins of suffering at emotional and physical levels in the person and/or the family

  • Overcome patterns of abandonment, abuse, grief betrayal, sickness, lack of purpose, scarcity and other aspects of dysfunction

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How it works:

A Family Constellation session usually starts with a chat between the facilitator and the client who will mention the issue he/she would like to work with and shift in that particular session.

The session can be explored in groups or individually.
In the case of a group session, after mentioning the challenge and answering some strategic questions, people from the group will be chosen by the client or the facilitator to represent family members and/or other elements related to the client’s issue in order to uncover hidden dynamics behind it.

It’s important to mention here that everyone involved in the constellation will benefit from it, including the representatives and those who are just observing it so the whole group can receive a lot from the session, not only the person who is getting constellated. This happens due to the fact that the field of information that connect us to our ancestral memories supports us whenever we come with the intentions of healing and expansion.

It's this field of information that will guide the session and the representatives in order to resolve the issues, challenges and blockages. The representatives simply set the intention to be available and feel the body sensations, emotions, feelings, impulses and reactions towards the other members of the session. The facilitator also makes themselves available to observe and relate to what the field is displaying until certain hidden dynamics within that particular system are identified.

From there, the facilitator uses healing sentences to reestablish the natural flow of love in the family system so order is restored.

Family Constellations shift the inner script

Family Constellations shift the inner script that our unconscious mind follows and allows people to rewrite these unconscious beliefs and stories. This is extremely empowering as people are able to create a new inner image and a new perspective about themselves and their lives sometimes almost immediately after a session and other times requiring a certain period of integration.

The one-on-one sessions are as powerful as the group ones but obviously in a more introspective mode where the facilitator will guide people into an internal journey in search for the hidden inner stories of the family system.

In these private sessions, toys can be used to be the antennas for the field or the facilitator might guide the client into a contemplative state where the unseen dynamics reveal themselves through the client herself/himself to be healed and transcended.

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Private Sessions

Personal Freedom, Balance and Love through
ancestral connection.

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