Systemic Mentoring, Family Constellations & Meditation Classes

Empower your present, heal your past, and co-create your life on your own terms.

"My goal is to assist individuals on their journey of growth and healing using the powerful tools of Meditation and Family Constellations. These methods have demonstrated their effectiveness in releasing limiting patterns and burdens that impede personal progress. Witnessing the positive impact on people's lives is a great reward, and my mission is to help individuals reach their full potential and live a purposeful and fulfilling life."
Solano Domingos

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Solano Domingos sitting in meditation on the shoreline cliff


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Systemic Mentoring

Prepare to embark on a transformative and enriching journey of profound change with C.O.R.E. - Systemic
Mentoring, a meticulously crafted program inspired by the visionary work of Bert Hellinger and the Systemic Therapy. Over three immersive months, Solano will guide you through a journey of profound discovery and empowerment, unlocking hidden keys to your deepest healing and growth.

Through Systemic Mentoring, you will receive one-on-one mentoring designed to liberate you from the burdens of the past that are attracting the recurrent challenges you’ve been facing, propelling you towards holistic wellbeing,
success, and fulfillment.

Are you ready to break free from the relentless cycle of challenges and embrace a life of unparalleled growth?
Join this transformative path towards self-mastery and unleash your full potential.

Family Constellation

Family Constellation is a powerful therapeutic modality that can help us heal emotional, physical, relationship and intergenerational traumas as it supports us in reestablishing order and harmony in family systems. By acknowledging and honouring the past we are able to integrate those unconscious aspects and family dynamics, hence, removing entanglements so people become free to live their lives in their free expression.

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Solano Domingos meditating by the ocean cliff

Meditation Programs

Meditation and mindfulness made easy and enjoyable.

Relax, sleep better and discover calm and clarity within through group or private online meditation coaching.


“Learning with Solano has been a wonderful introduction to the practice of meditation.
His wisdom along with his practical, caring approach to teaching really helped me to not only understand the concepts, but also apply them to my life.

During our online classes it felt as though we were in the same room. Having Solano listen, explain and coach me through my meditation practice was always a great experience for me and one I would highly recommend to anyone interested in learning the practice of meditation."

Matt Johnson

"I met Solano last year when I was looking for someone to give me an introduction to meditation. He taught me techniques to form the foundation of my practice, as well as the theory behind them. I always like to know ‘why’ so this was very important to me.

Solano is calm, friendly and thoughtful in his approach to teaching, and always goes out of his way to offer extra support outside of lessons. I would recommend him to those who want guidance in establishing a regular meditation practice, or anyone looking for more advanced techniques to enhance their existing practice."

Jemima Todd

"Being a long term sufferer of anxiety I had attempted different therapy support over the years to only end up feeling like I was never able to get on top of it. Despite many attempts I didn't understand how to meditate which was a challenge as so much research I had done over the years suggested this was the key to unlock my debilitating anxious mind. Solano provided me with 5 one on one sessions and not just taught me how to meditate (which once understood was so shockingly easy!) but he also invested in understanding the causes of my anxiety and in turn overcome them.
18 months on and am in such a great, ambient headspace and still meditating. So grateful for the life changing skill Solano has provided me."

Belinda Maybury

"I would like to thank you for changing my life!
Doing this meditation course was one of the best decisions I've ever made, don't get me wrong, it was not easy... seating still and looking within for a person who suffers from anxiety?! DEFINITELY not easy, but with your amazing support, follow ups and informative emails following our sessions, I made it through.
I am way more focused and less anxious; work is better; my relationship is better and I'm better.
Thank you for this amazing experience.
Thank you for doing what you do!"

Marcella Siciliano

"I can’t thank you enough Solano for your time together to do a constellation. You were able to really listen to me and allow what needed to come to the surface come without any judgement. You explained everything to me in such a way that I felt so safe and calm through out the session and was able to really be there and present.
I feel like the depths we went to were incredibly life changing (and equivalent to years of “work”). I am still “integrating“ what you helped me uncover /see and for that I am so grateful. I highly recommend a session with you Solano and I tell everyone I meet!! Thank you again."

Martina Dezani

“Solano has guided me through meditation and helped me understand its concept, and its practice on a very deep level. Very recommended! I have done multiple courses and can say he is a very knowledgeable, experienced & grounded teacher that people are able to connect to for good understandings about the practice.
I also like that he combines spirituality with scientific study. The harder part is doing the self-practice, but when I dedicated the time each day and made it a habit, and heard the teachings in my head (or referred to the great class notes) before I got to the real moments of meditation, it started to help me greatly in my life.
The journey is constantly evolving, and meditation is one of those things that I believe will always incorporate into my routine as the benefits are so valuable. It’s a constant learning process, I believe what I have learnt so far is just a drop in the ocean…”

Adamo Medici

"Solano has wonderful skills and for made me feel safe to share my privacy. The Family Constellation combined with different meditations techniques gave me a profound experience of healing, love and gratitude.
It also made the energy flows and lots of things started to change and I also start to change with it. I highly recommend him.Thank you so much my friend!"

Eloy Oliveira

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